Vanessa Drummond is the owner of the brand, also creative director and who commands and guides the process of manufacturing craftsmen in Mexico.

Her vision is to create timeless designs: she uses Italian crystals, handcrafted with colors that accompany the trends, but resist the changes of fashion.

The crystals combine together with the metals and textures with pure lines. Although the materials and techniques are conventional, in their proposals the designer explores, manipulates, and reinterprets until achieving simple standards, clean aesthetics and own style of jewelry. The result are new forms and associations, identified through a specific palette of colors that are made up of their kaleidoscopic and particular selection of each.

Vanessa's work has led her to receive several awards, including 1 place Tahitian Pearl Trophy.

“In my quest for the materials for the "Fire under the ice" pearls competition, I met the crystal and fell in love. A collection with a lot of life is born, there are pieces combined between the metal, the colors, the delicacy and the transparency of the crystal”